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NTel Nutra releases its PM potion Comatose for nighttime recovery

ntel nutra comatose

NTel Nutra, the brand behind the well-known Arez pre-workouts, has released an all-new product for the nighttime category. The supplement is named NTel Nutra Comatose, and it’s designed to increase REM sleep, improve mood, and help with muscle growth and recovery.

One of the more interesting things about NTel Nutra’s PM potion is that it appears to have been available for quite some time, however, it’s not available in all the usual places. Online, we can only manage to find Comatose over at Advanced Supps who is both a physical and online store.

On the Advanced Supps website, the store confirms that NTel Nutra Comatose features a 7.8g, non-transparent blend of ingredients. Included in that blend are the common nighttime ingredients GABA, phenibut, valerian root, and theanine, as well as tyrosine, mucuna pruriens, phenylalanine, and deer antler velvet.

If you’d like to get your hands on NTel Nutra’s competitor for the nighttime recovery category, as mentioned, Advanced Supps it the place to go. Through its website, the product will cost you $39.99 for a full 30 serving tub with just the one Lemon Chill flavor to choose from.