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Nutrabio plans to release a new product or flavor every week for 6 months


If you’re a fan of Nutrabio and enjoy its already massive lineup of supplements, things are about to get even better. The Stack3d Certified brand has revealed that its family of products is going to be expanding quite quickly starting from the first month of the new year.

Nutrabio has revealed that starting sometime in January, it plans on releasing at least one new flavor or supplement per week, for six months. Based on that promise, it is going to be an incredible 2019 for the brand, in fact releasing products that frequently for that long is something we’ve never seen any brand do before.

As mentioned, Nutrabio does already have quite an extensive lineup of supplements as well as flavors, so it’ll be interesting to see everything the brand has put together. We’ll be sharing everything Nutrabio introduces here at Stack3d, so be sure to stay tuned to catch it all.

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