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Outbreak swaps out arimistane for eucheuma in its test booster Rise

outbreak rise

Outbreak Nutrition has announced a slight change in the formula for the testosterone and libido boosting supplement it launched last year called Rise. From what we know, all of the ingredients and doses from the original will be remaining exactly the same except for one feature.

The ingredient that is getting changed in Outbreak Nutrition’s Rise is its 50mg of androsta-3,5-dien-7,17-dione, better known as arimistane. The brand has decided to swap it out in favor of eucheuma cottonii for its anti-estrogen benefits, which will also maintain the product’s all-around type experience.

We’re not sure when Outbreak Nutrition plans on phasing in the new eucheuma cottonii version of Rise, but at the moment the brand is still listing the original on its website.