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Insane Labz whey powered Insane Whey is now available for pre-order

Originally, Insane Labz long-awaited protein powder Insane Whey, wasn’t expected to be available for purchase until New Year’s day. While that is still the case, the brand has gone ahead and revealed everything you need to know about Insane Whey as well as put together a pre-order opportunity.

As its title suggests, Insane Whey is a whey powered protein formula that is intended to be used whenever you need some extra protein and is said to mix quite smoothly. It comes in three fairly common protein powder flavors with Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry and Cream.

insane whey

Just like Insane Labz lineup of Insane Whey flavor options, its nutrition profile is also pretty straightforward. Each serving of the supplement provides the usual 25g of protein with 3g of carbohydrates, 1.2g of sugar, 2g of fat with a gram of that saturated, and a total of 132 calories.

As mentioned you can now pre-order Insane Whey directly from the Insane Labz website in its one 60 serving tub size. Usually, the product would cost you $69.99, however, if you get in early and pre-order for shipping on January 1st, you can save $10 and get Insane Whey for $59.99.