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Sparta shares everything you need to know about its protein bar

Sparta Nutrition’s growing lineup of products covers most of the categories in the supplement industry. Something the brand doesn’t have is a protein bar, although that is about to change. Sometime next month, the brand is dropping a protein-packed snack called the Sparta Protein Bar.

What is it

The upcoming Sparta Nutrition product features a Rice Krispie style body with actual cereal pieces spread throughout the bar. The delicious looking Sparta Protein Bar features a whey protein powder formula that’s also gluten-free and Kosher.

sparta protein bar

Flavors and macros

To go with the real cereal pieces in the protein bar, Sparta Nutrition has put together a bunch of cereal themed flavors for the product. In total it has three options which are Cinna Crunch Cereal, Cocoa Cereal, and the Froot Loops themed Fruity Cereal.

As for the Sparta Protein Bar’s nutrition profile, it is led by a healthy 20g of protein. Its other major macros include 37g of carbohydrates with 3 to 4g of that sugar (depends on flavor) and 9 to 10g fiber, 4g of fat (3.5 to 4g saturated), with a reasonably typical calorie count of 220.

sparta protein bar

Where to buy

As mentioned earlier, Sparta Nutrition plans on launching its Sparta Protein Bar within the next few weeks. The product is due to be out and available for purchase sometime next month in all the usual locations including the brand’s own online store and its many retail partners.