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Vega One Botanical Blends series adds the power of reishi and ashwagandha

vega one with reishi

Vega One Botanical Blends is an interesting new series of products from the plant-based supplement company Vega. The line is currently made up of just two slightly different products which are essentially spin-offs of the brand’s flagship, all-in-one shake, Vega One.

The new Vega One Botanical Blends supplements are intended to combine the power of the plant-based nutrition of Vega One with an extra premium ingredient. The two products making up the brand’s new Botanical Blends family are Vega One with Reishi and Vega One with Ashwagandha.

The Vega One Botanical Blends supplement with reishi includes the added ingredient due to the belief that it helps support vitality and wellness. As for Vega One with Ashwagandha, the extra ashwagandha has been added due to it being an adaptogenic herb to help the body with environmental, physical, and emotional stress.

vega one with reishi

While Vega’s two new Botanical Blends supplements are a part of the same series, they don’t come in the same flavor options. Each product is available in one unique flavor each with Vega One with Reishi coming in Spiced Chai, and Vega One with Ashwagandha coming in Turmeric Coconut.

Both Vega One with Reishi and Vega One with Ashwagandha are now in stock and available from the brand’s online store as well as Amazon. The former location currently has more purchase options with a small ten serving tub for both supplements at $44.99, and individual sachets available for the Reishi formula.