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Yummy Sports gets into the market of vegan-friendly protein powders

yummy sports vegan

The deliciously marketed Yummy Sports has introduced a new supplement to its growing lineup of products this week simply named Vegan. Yummy’s Vegan is a protein powder that as its title suggests is made using only vegan-friendly sources of protein.

A full bag of Yummy Sports’ latest protein powder comes with the same amount of servings as its original ISO protein with a total of 33. The supplement is powered by three vegan protein sources with brown rice protein, yellow pea protein, and hemp protein.

yummy sports vegan

As for the nutrition profile behind Yummy Sports Vegan, like most products in its category, it is a little lighter on protein compared to your typical whey formula with 15.65g per serving. The rest of its macros include 8.7g of carbohydrates, less than a gram of sugar, 1.3g of fat, and 104 calories.

Yummy Sports says its new Vegan protein powder is now on shelves in its one Matchaz Macaron flavor, and can also be purchased directly from its website. Through the supplement will cost you just a little less than ISO at $44.99 per bag.