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Full formula revealed for 5% Nutrition’s upcoming GDA Freak Show

5 percent freak show

5% Nutrition has shared the formula details behind its upcoming glucose disposal agent, which is awesomely titled Freak Show. Previously we could confirm two ingredients for the supplement with half a gram of banaba and 350mg of berberine, although it turns out there are lot more features to this one.

Freak Show from 5% Nutrition is as mentioned, a glucose disposal agent or more simply a GDA, designed to help you harness the power of insulin. It aims to drive carbohydrates into your muscles where you can put them to good use, as opposed to being stored as fat.

5 percent freak show

The full list of features in 5% Nutrition’s Freak Show can be seen above with eight ingredients, all transparently dosed. The list includes 300mg each of cinnamon and bitter melon, a gram of gymnema sylvestre, 200mg of Na-R-ALA, 100mg of fenugreek, 10mg of BioPerine, and of course banaba and berberine.

We’re not sure when 5% Nutrition plans on launching Freak Show, but with the GDA being promoted and having its formula details now shared, we assume it’ll be here soon. Freak Show is also not the only product on the way from the brand, as it has the PCT supplement Post Gear coming soon as well.