5% Nutrition is also coming out with a post cycle formula called Post Gear

5 percent nutrition post gear

Yesterday, we got the first look at 5% Nutrition’s glucose disposal agent Freak Show, although it turns out that isn’t the only entirely new supplement the brand has coming. Today we’ve got a look at a second product on the way from 5% Nutrition with the post-cycle-therapy supplement Post Gear.

According to 5% Nutrition, its upcoming Post Gear is unlike anything else on the market. It is designed to help users transition off hormone replacement, PEDs, and pro-hormones, and is suggested to be used in combination with the brand’s vital organ support formula Liver & Organ Defender.

At the moment we only know of two ingredients in 5% Nutrition’s Post Gear with 3.12g of d-aspartic acid and a strong 50mg dose of Laxosterone branded laxogenin. The new post-cycle-therapy product is said to be launching sometime soon, which is also being said for the brand’s glucose disposal agent Freak Show.

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