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ATP releases a more cost-effective, 90 serving Vegan Essential Aminos

atp science vegan essential aminos

The Australian brand ATP Science, who is available in the US via Amazon, has put together a more cost-effective size for its vegan-friendly EAA. The brand’s Vegan Essential Aminos was only released last month and features a full spectrum blend of EAAs as well as glutamine and hydroxyproline.

ATP Science has now launched Vegan Essential Aminos in a tub size that’s three times as large, packing a total of 90 servings. While it is three times as large, the product is not three times the price with selling it for $119.96 (86.38 USD), which works out to be 33% cheaper per serving.

The new size comes in all three of the original Vegan Essential Aminos flavors with Kola, Kakadu Plum, and Raspberry.

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