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Exact doses of aminos confirmed for ATP’s Vegan Essential Aminos

atp science vegan essential aminos

A couple of weeks ago the Australian brand ATP Science unveiled its vegan fermented, essential amino acid supplement named Vegan Essential Aminos. At the time all that we could confirm was that it features all nine EAAs including the three BCAAs, as well as hydroxyproline and AstraGin.

ATP Science’s latest product is now hitting stores in Australia, and with it has come the reveal of its full facts panel. It confirms exactly how much of each amino acid the brand has packed into Vegan Essential Aminos along with all of the other ingredients that have been thrown in.

atp science vegan essential aminos

We’ve added the official Vegan Essential Aminos facts panel directly above, revealing that a full serving of the supplement has a little under 5g of aminos. That 5g includes 3g of BCAAs at a 2:1:1 ratio, just less than a gram of the other six EAAs, half a gram of glutamine, and 250mg of hydroxyproline.

As mentioned, ATP Science’s all-new Vegan Essential Aminos is now out and available down under in Australia. Fans of the brand can grab it directly from ATP’s website or retailers like Massive Joes. It has three 30 serving flavors to choose from in Kola, Raspberry, and Kakadu Plum.