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Battles Bites Review: Soft consistency with unforgettably sweet flavors

battle bites review

Battle Bites is the delicious protein bar from the UK based supplement company Battle Oats. Over the past few months we have heard great things about the product and have now finally managed to get our hands on them. Battle Oats’ Battle Bites actually lives up to its reputation and has turned out to be a lot better than we could have ever expected.

Unlike most protein bars, Battles Bites is broken up into two pieces per pack rather than a single bar, with a total of 20 to 21g of protein from both pieces. The product’s other macros are relatively typical with between 23 to 26g of carbohydrates, 13 to 14g of fat, a low 4 to 5g of sugar, and a calorie count between 220 and 236.

battle bites review


Regardless of flavor, the build of Battle Bites is pretty much the same with a dense main body, a thin creamy layer, a somewhat solid and sweet outer, and little pieces sprinkled across the top. While that doesn’t sound too different from other protein bars on the market, Battles Bites sets itself apart by featuring an incredibly smooth consistency and immense flavor.

The main body of Battle Bites which is usually the dense and chewy part of a protein bar, softly breaks up when you bite into it. The consistency is so impressive it makes you wonder what it’s actually made out of. All of the other layers just disappear or melt when you sink your teeth in, creating a very easy-to-eat experience that you enjoy right from the first bite.

While that consistency is a big highlight of Battle Bites, it is the flavors and tastes Battle Oats has squeezed into each piece that make it a truly delicious protein bar. Typically we’re fans of chocolate-heavy protein snacks; however, our favorite Battle Bites flavors aren’t all chocolate options with Chocolate Caramel, Candy Cane, and Birthday Cake.

battle bites review

The Birthday Cake Battle Bites is surprisingly our favorite of the lot, purely because of the strong sweetness and combination of flavors. As soon as you bite into it, you’re hit with an unforgettable raspberry flavor followed by an equally impressive cake dough taste. All together the Birthday Cake flavor tastes like a raspberry jam tart which is difficult to put down after you take a bite.

Our other favorite Battle Bites aren’t quite as good as Birthday Cake, but still make for a solid experience. Regarding sweetness, the Candy Cane is probably the better of the two with a strong minty taste that stands out just as much as Birthday Cake’s raspberry. As for the Chocolate Caramel, it isn’t as sweet as we had hoped; instead, it’s more of a brownie-like flavor with a thick chocolate taste.

battle bites review


As mentioned at the beginning of our review, Battle Oats’ Battle Bites live up to the hype and deliver a protein bar experience that’s better than we could’ve expected. The consistency in each of the flavors makes sure you’re not left chewing longer than you want and you get a good amount of flavor with most of the options, especially the Birthday Cake and Candy Cane.

Strangely enough, there isn’t really another protein bar out there that we can say this one is similar to. It’s sort of a softer Carb Killa although the chocolate and gooey layers aren’t quite as sweet. Battle Bites has its own unique balance of consistency and flavor that makes it a tough protein bar competitor, especially with flavors as good as our favorites.

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