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Black Market throws in an extra ingredient with its latest limited flavors

black market cherry pineapple

Right before the close of the month, the underground brand Black Market, has dropped another limited edition flavor for two of its pre-workouts. The new option that’s only around for a short time is Cherry Pineapple, there is, however, a little more to the supplements than just the flavor.

Black Market’s Cherry Pineapple flavor has been put together for its weight loss infused pre-workouts, AdreNOlyn Cuts and Tone. Where the something extra comes in is both of the products have had an additional ingredient thrown in on top of everything, specifically for the limited edition flavor.

In the case of AdreNOlyn Cuts, Black Market has added 3g of pure citrulline for better muscle pumps, and for Tone, you get a clinical dose of CapsiMax to help burn more calories. Both of the limited time products are now available from at $54.99 for a 30 serving tub.