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Nutrabio announces three creative new flavors for Whey Protein Isolate

cinnamon sugar donut nutrabio whey protein isolate

In a few weeks, the veteran brand Nutrabio plans on introducing a handful of new flavors for its quality protein, Whey Protein Isolate. Over the years we have some creative flavors from the company however its new options for Whey Protein Isolate are quite possibly its most creative to date.

In total Nutrabio has announced three new flavors for its whey isolate powered supplement, all of which are breakfast themed and sound delicious. The list includes Cinnamon Sugar Donut, the fruity recipe Blueberry Muffin, and the very interesting Pancakes and Maple Syrup.

For those of you interested in getting your hands on any or all of the Whey Protein Isolate flavors, they’re currently expected to be out and available early next week.

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