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Purus Labs drops a sneak peek at its new Creamy Butter Pecan KetoFeed

creamy butter pecan ketofeed

Just over a year ago Purus Labs launched its meal supplement KetoFeed featuring a quality mix of whey isolate and MCTs. It provides a very high protein and low carb nutrition profile with 20g of protein per serving, 10g of fat, just a gram of carbohydrates, and a total of 190 calories.

When Purus Labs initially introduced KetoFeed, it had only two tastes on its menu with the creative recipes Salted Vanilla Caramel and Samoa Chocolate Creme. Those two flavors are still the only options available for the product, however it does look like that is finally going to change.

Purus Labs has previewed a yet to be released flavor for KetoFeed that once again shows off the brand’s creative side. That upcoming option is Creamy Butter Pecan, which for now Purus Labs has only shared a sneak peek of, without any mention of when it’ll be available for purchase.