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The Dough Bar comes up with four delicious new flavors for the New Year

dough bar protein doughnuts

To kick off the New Year, the protein doughnut company The Dough Bar, has put together a bunch of creative new flavors for its delicious protein packed products. In total, there are four new options, all of which are available for the brand’s original raised protein doughnut, and one for the recently released cake doughnut.

Joining the Dough Bar’s already enjoyable raised protein doughnut menu is blueberry glaze with cinnamon streusel topping. Strawberry cheesecake glaze with strawberry Pop Tart bits, and the incredibly sweet sounding sugar cookie glaze topped with cupcake balls.

The one other new flavor from the Dough Bar is pancake glaze with syrup drizzle, which is available for both the raised and cake protein doughnuts. The new flavors are all online and ready to order from the brand’s website at $15.49 per box of four, except for Strawberry Shortcake and Sugar Cookie at $15.99 per box.

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