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GAT is teasing the largest launch of its kind in company history

gat sport nitra whey

GAT is teasing an all-new supplement that at the moment, we know very little about, but the brand is making it sound exciting. The preview GAT has shared shows off what appears to be a traditional 2lb tub featuring a two-word title with the first word clearly being “Nitra”.

From what we can see, the second word in the upcoming product’s name starts with the letter “W”, which leads us to guess it’s something like Nitra Whey. While it is only a guess, that name would be quite fitting seeing as the supplement comes in a tub size that’s relatively common for protein powders.

Fortunately, GAT has provided a few other hints and clues for its mysterious new product. Firstly, it has categorized the Nitra product as a muscle builder of some kind that is due to release in three different flavors. Secondly, the brand is describing the supplement as the “largest launch of its kind in company history.”

Based on everything that’s been shared and confirmed, it definitely sounds like GAT has something quite interesting up its sleeve. Be sure to stay tuned here at Stack3d for news and updates on the product as we’ll be sharing them as soon as they become available.

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