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Genius drops it comprehensive digestion supplement Digestion Optimizer

genius digestion optimizer

The Stack3d Certified Genius Brand has made its all-new digestion supplement, Genius Digestion Optimizer, available for purchase after previewing it three and a half months ago. Like most of the brand’s lineup, the new product packs a well put together combination of ingredients, that includes a handful of premium, branded features.

You can see the complete Genius Digestion Optimizer formula in the facts panel below, which is fully transparent, telling you exactly how much of each ingredient you get per serving. It includes four branded features with 50mg each of the DigeZyme multi-enzyme blend and GutGuard, 200mg of Actazin green kiwi, and 100mg of Gingever ginger.

genius digestion optimizer

One of the primary goals of the Genius Brand’s new Digestion Optimizer is to of course help optimize digestion which can then result in many other benefits. The supplement also aims to boost your immune system naturally, restore overall gut health, and reduce stomach bloating thanks to its comprehensive mix of enzymes.

Like all of the Genius Brand products, you can now find Genius Digestion Optimizer in stock and available for purchase over on Amazon. A full tub will cost you $39.99 and last between 135 to 45 days depending on the serving size, with the brand suggesting anywhere from one to three capsules per day.