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GH Freak 2.0 adds testosterone boosting to its sleep and recovery formula

gh freak 2

An all-new FreakMode Series version has been put together for PharmaFreak’s sleep and recovery supplement, GH Freak. The brand has appropriately named the product GH Freak 2.0 which provides an all-new set of benefits and overall experience compared to its predecessor.

On top of being a sleep and recovery supplement, PharmaFreak’s new GH Freak 2.0 also comes with ingredients for testosterone support. The brand has thrown in three features to cover that department with 150mg of fenugreek (50% saponins), 400mg of fenugreek (20% saponins), and half a gram of tribulus.

gh freak 2

As for the other half of the new GH Freak 2.0, for sleep and recovery PharmaFreak has included almost all of the ingredients from the original. Alongside those three features mentioned above, the sequel GH Freak packs 200mg of theanine, 5mg of the classic sleep ingredient melatonin, and 100mg of 5-HTP.

While PharmaFreak doesn’t appear to have added its FreakMode Series GH Freak 2.0 to its website just yet, there are already retailers stocking it. The Canadian store Supplement Source is one of those locations with the hybrid sleep and testosterone formula at $59.95 or as low as $47.96 when spending over $249.