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Ghost reveals plans for a gaming supplement as well as a greens formula

ghost gaming

While Ghost doesn’t cover all that many supplement categories at the moment, the products it does have available are incredibly competitive. You have its creatine Ghost Size which we’ve continued to use since release; the best tasting vegan protein out there with Ghost Vegan; and our number one rated pump pre-workout Ghost Pump.

Ghost has now revealed that it’s working on two more entirely new supplements, both of which will be for categories it’s currently not competing in. The areas of the market the products will be tackling are greens, and for fans of focus formulas as well as gamers, Ghost is putting together a nootropic supplement.

It is Ghost’s focus and gaming product that has us most excited, purely because of all of the reasons we mentioned earlier. The original lifestyle brand only seems to pump out truly effective and reliable supplements, so it’s almost guaranteed that its upcoming focus formula will be something to watch out for if you’re a fan of the category.