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The Guerrilla Chemist brand Chemix is launching in just a couple of weeks

chemix pre-workout

Last month a supplement company from the educational and informative Guerrilla Chemist was announced, introducing Chemix. This week the brand has passed on a bit more information which you’re going to want to know if you’ve been eagerly awaiting a line of products from the Guerrilla Chemist himself.

Chemix has confirmed that it is going to be starting things off with the one product, in the category named formula, Chemix Pre-Workout. We also know that supplement will feature the PeakO2 performance blend and the pump enhancing GlycerPump glycerol, and have two tastes to choose from in Citrus Cooler and Guerrilla Juice.

The one other piece of information we have to share from Guerrilla Chemist’s Chemix, is when the brand and its one product are due to be available. Chemix is saying it actually plans on releasing its category named pre-workout supplement in the last week of this month, which isn’t very far away.

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