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Jacked Factory launches HydraSurge for maximum hydration


This month, Jacked Factory has added an electrolyte powered formula to its growing lineup of supplements, that is all about hydration. The product is named HydraSurge and is currently available directly from the brand with a strong, freebie packed, and limited time introductory sale.

The deal Jacked Factory has at the moment for HydraSurge over at is an entire 60 serving tub for just $14.99 in the one Lemonade flavor. As mentioned, the promotion does involve freebies with the supplement also coming with a free shaker and branded Scoopie.


As for the combination of ingredients behind Jacked Factory’s new HydraSurge, you can see the full list directly above. For maximum hydration as well as improved performance and stamina the product packs premium electrolytes, half a gram of coconut water, and a gram of taurine.