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Mutant unveils its blend style whey protein powder Mutant Pro

mutant pro protein powder

Mutant has introduced an all-new supplement this week simply titled Mutant Pro. It is a relatively straightforward blend style protein powder powered by three types of whey protein for rapid, delayed, and extended absorption, along with added enzymes for help with digestion.

A full serving of Mutant Pro provides 24g of protein with its three protein sources being whey concentrate, hydrolyzed whey, and whey isolate. The rest of its nutrition profile is pretty lean with 2g of carbohydrates, just a gram of sugar, one gram of fat, and a total of 120 calories.

Mutant Pro is coming soon to supplement retailers in four flavors that the brand says all have a mouthwatering taste. The options are Banana Cream, Cookies n Cream, Rich Chocolate Milk, and Vanilla Milkshake, which all come in the one 5lb tub size packing a total of 73 servings.