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Malaysia’s N8 Sports Nutrition releases its carb formula CarboMax

n8 carbomax

N8 Sports Nutrition, which is a supplement company out of Malaysia, has released a new carbohydrate formula this week named CarboMax. Based on the information the brand has shared, the product appears to be pretty straightforward, with just a bag of unflavored carbohydrates.

CarbonMax from N8 Sports Nutrition is designed for use before, during, and after training to help with nutrition and recovery. We don’t know the source or sources of carbohydrates in the supplement, but we can confirm that it has 25g of carbs in each serving, with zero fat and 100 calories.

N8 Sports Nutrition’s all-new CarboMax is now out and available in its local Malaysian market in the one 1kg, 40 serving bag size. The brand has also confirmed the price of the carbohydrate only product at RM50 (12.20 USD) per bag.