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Not4Pussy brand BPS Pharma is releasing a stimulant free pump formula

not4pussy ultimate pump

Over the few years that we’ve known BPS Pharma, we’ve seen it release a number of different versions and spin-offs of its signature pre-workout supplement, Not4Pussy. Not only were all of the products for the same competitive pre-workout category, but they also all featured stimulants of some kind.

To start 2019, BPS Pharma has revealed that it is finally launching a stimulant free Not4Pussy that is primarily built to enhance muscle pumps. The brand is also confidently promoting that the pump pre-workout will provide long-lasting eight-hour pumps, similar to Muscletech’s recently released Shatter Pumped8.

The only other detail we have to share at the moment is the name of BPS Pharma’s promising supplement which is Not4Pussy Ultimate Pump. We’re definitely excited to see what the brand has come up with for the pump market, especially since it’s put together some interesting stimulant formulas over the years.

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