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Save just short of 7% with PR Breaker’s new Materia Triple Pack

pr breaker materia zero

The pre-workout company PR Breaker currently has just two products in its line up with Materia and the recently released Materia Zero. The brand has now introduced a new and more cost-effective way to purchase its pre-workout products through its website, although you do have to grab them all at once.

PR Breaker has put together the Materia Triple Pack which comes with one tub of each of its supplements including Materia in its two flavors, and Materia Zero. Separately the products would usually cost you a total of $105, however, in the Materia Triple Pack, they come to only $98 or $32.66 per tub.

The savings offered in PR Breaker’s Materia bulk pack isn’t a whole lot at just short of 7% discount, but it is something and not too bad considering it doesn’t appear to be a limited time thing.