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Find out all of the changes Protes has made to its Protein Chips

protes protein chips

Protes recently rebranded its lineup of delicious protein snacks, although that wasn’t the only change it made. The creative brand also tweaked its original protein snack, the plant-based Protein Chips, as well as introduced a new flavor for its Protein Popcorn with Light Butter.

In this post, we’re going into a bit more detail about what Protes has actually changed in its Protein Chips. The overall goal of the update was to make them taste better than they did before, which according to the brand, it has achieved with very little change to its nutrition profile.

Starting with the flavor experience, Protes has said its Protein Chips have an improved taste, mouthfeel, and texture, resulting in a better overall experience. When it comes to ingredients, just two have been switched out with vegetable fiber and corn flour replacing guar gum and potato flakes.

protes protein chips

Lastly, we have the macros for the Protes Protein Chips, which as mentioned, haven’t really changed that much. All three of the product’s flavors provide 15g of protein per bag, 8g of carbohydrates with 2g of that fiber and a gram or less of sugar, 4g of fat, and a total of 120 calories.

You can now pre-order any of Protes’ new, rebranded, and updated products over on its website at The improved Protein Chips, as well as the Protein Popcorn, will cost you $22.99 for a pack of six bags with pre-orders currently due to ship sometime in February.

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