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Pumped Sports revamps its all-around pre-workout Loaded

pumped sports loaded

For 2019 Pumped Sports has put together a new version of its pre-workout Loaded, which was already a pretty solid supplement. While the original was quite a comprehensive experience, the brand has certainly upped its game for the sequel with an even bigger combination of ingredients.

Much like its predecessor, Pumped Sports’ reformulated Loaded features a variety of ingredients to provide an all-around pre-workout experience. For energy and focus the product packs 270mg of caffeine and 50mg of dicaffeine malate, 100mg of theobromine, 50mg of hordenine, and a solid 800mg of choline bitartrate.

On top of its energy and focus enhancing features, Pumped Sports Loaded also comes with a handful of ingredients for better muscle pumps and performance. On that side of the supplement there is 2g each of taurine, betaine, and GlycerPump branded glycerol, 3.2g of beta-alanine, and 6g of pure citrulline.

pumped sports loaded

You can see the full facts panel of Pumped Sports’ all-new Loaded directly above, where you may notice it has slightly more scoops per tub than the original. Instead of 30 per bottle, the updated Loaded has 40 scoops, however it does now take two of those scoops to get the product’s maximum serving.

While Pumped Sports has changed the combination of ingredients behind Loaded and altered its total amount of servings; it still comes in the same two flavors. Those options are Pineapple Mango and Green Apple, both of which will be available in the brand’s local New Zealand market very soon.