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VPX shares an update on its still very intriguing pink and purple Bang

multi color bang energy drink

Last year in July we posted about a teaser image that was shared for an extremely mysterious looking flavor for the delicious and popular Bang Energy drink. Since that image surfaced, nothing more has been mentioned about the product, so we reached out to the brand for an update on the interesting flavor.

The intriguing Bang Energy variant we’re talking about is pictured above and features a vibrant mix of colors that are different from one half of the can to the other. VPX Sports has now revealed that the pink and purple flavor is still very much in the works although the colors may be different for the final version.

Even with that small change to the look of the mysterious Bang Energy option, we’re still extremely curious about what it actually is. Our only guess is that the colors represent a clash of flavors although it has to be in some sort of unique way, as no other Bang has that eye-catching reverse color design.

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