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The chewable pre-workout Pre-Chaw now comes in a caffeine only flavor

blueberry blast pre chaw

Samson Labs has officially launched another flavor for its very creative, chewable pouch pre-workout Pre-Chaw. The brand’s new option for the supplement is Blueberry Blast, although there is a little bit more to the product than just a different taste.

The new Blueberry Blast Pre-Chaw also features a different formula compared to either of the product’s other flavors. Instead of packing a combination of ingredients, Blueberry Blast has just the one with caffeine, dosed at reasonably heavy 350mg per pouch.

You can now purchase Samson Labs’ new Pre-Chaw flavor directly from its website at a much cheaper price than the pre-workout’s other two tastes. A full jar of Blueberry Blast Pre-Chaw will cost you $25 with the same total of 30, single serving pouches per bottle.