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CNP introduces the next evolution of its Protein Flapjack

cnp protein flapjack

The UK legacy supplement company CNP has put together the next evolution of its high protein, oat-based product, the CNP Protein Flapjack. The brand’s new version is said to be next level with more protein, a more modern look, improved flavoring, and no collagen or gelatin.

The fresh new CNP Protein Flapjack is due to release in four oven-baked flavors, most of which are far from your common protein bar options found in the US. The only traditional taste on its menu is Chocolate, with the other three being Lemon Meringue, Cherry & Almond, and Chocolate Orange.

cnp protein flapjack

The primary ingredient in the CNP Protein Flapjack is of course oats, followed by milk protein to give it that high amount of protein. The Lemon Meringue flavor of the Protein Flapjack provides 18.75g of protein, 34g of carbohydrates with 3.4g of that sugar, 8.3g of fat, and 264 calories.

CNP’s updated Protein Flapjack is due to be out and available for purchase in stores and online in the UK sometime very soon. Fans will be able to pick it up in boxes of 12, and we can confirm the new CNP Protein Flapjack will officially be replacing the version you can currently find on shelves.