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Ghost Whey getting a Coconut Ice Cream flavor this summer

coconut ice cream ghost whey

The original lifestyle brand Ghost is easily one of the best when it comes to flavoring supplements. We have yet to try a product from the brand that we didn’t enjoy, in fact, Ghost makes the best tasting vegan protein we’ve ever had with its pea, pumpkin, and watermelon based Ghost Vegan.

The brand has now announced the next flavor for its fully transparent protein powder Ghost Whey, and it sounds just as good as all of its others. The upcoming creation is a Coconut Ice Cream Ghost Whey, which is certainly an interesting choice as we don’t see coconut flavors all that often.

While the news of the new flavor is exciting, the Coconut Ice Cream Ghost Whey isn’t going to be available any time soon. The lifestyle brand is aiming to have it launched sometime this summer so fans will be waiting a few months, although it isn’t the only item Ghost is releasing in the sunny season.