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ClearPharm shares the story behind its first supplement in a digital book

creating the anomaly

ClearPharm Nutrition, the brand behind the all-new and well-formulated pre-workout supplement the Anomaly, has released something we don’t think we’ve ever seen from a supplement company. Following the recent launch of the Anomaly, ClearPharm has dropped a book called “Making The Anomaly”.

The release is exactly what it sounds like; the story behind the pre-workout the Anomaly as told by industry veteran Dino Tassigiannis from ClearPharm. The digital book goes over everything that makes up the supplement including how it all works, a breakdown of each ingredient, and a whole lot more.

ClearPharm’s Making The Anomaly is a free to download publication that you can grab by simply clicking this link. It is a great read and definitely makes you want to give the brand’s first-ever product a go, as well as look forward to whatever other supplements ClearPharm has planned for the future.