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FDA commissioner issues a statement regarding supplement regulation

fda dietary supplement regulation

The commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Scott Gottlieb, has issued a statement today regarding dietary supplement regulation. The statement covers a lot of interesting topics and efforts including the strengthening of how the FDA handles certain situations.

“Making healthy choices about diets can have a significant and positive impact on Americans’ health. To be able to make those choices with respect to dietary supplements, consumers need to have access to safe, well-manufactured, and appropriately labeled products. One of my top goals is ensuring that we achieve the right balance between preserving consumers’ access to lawful supplements, while still upholding our solemn obligation to protect the public from unsafe and unlawful products, and holding accountable those actors who are unable or unwilling to comply with the requirements of the law.”

“Today, we’re announcing new steps we intend to advance to achieve these twin goals. These steps include communicating to the public as soon as possible when there is a concern about a dietary supplement on the market, ensuring that our regulatory framework is flexible enough to adequately evaluate product safety while also promoting innovation, continuing to work closely with our industry partners, developing new enforcement strategies and continuing to engage in a public dialogue to get valuable feedback from dietary supplement stakeholders.”

There are a number of major areas Scott Gottlieb makes it a point to touch on in his statement including how the FDA announces and communicates the use of unlawful and potentially dangerous ingredients. For that, it is working on an all-new “rapid-response” tool that will alert the public about unlawful ingredients as well as notify the people making or selling it.

You can check out the entire statement from Scott Gottlieb over on the FDA’s website at

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