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Sulbutiamine and two others make it ten for the FDA’s growing Advisory List

fda advisory list

Since its inception earlier this year, the FDA’s Advisory List, which is a tool used to alert the public of potentially dangerous supplement ingredients, has continued to grow. It started out with four ingredients, including hordenine and higenamine, and now thanks to its most recent update, it has a total of ten.

The newest additions to the FDA’s continuously growing Advisory List are bismuth nitrate, and sodium tetrachloroaurate, also known as gold sodium chloride. The other new entry to the list is an ingredient we’ve seen a lot more of over the years compared to the other two, mostly in fat burners, with sulbutiamine.

The FDA continues to say supplement companies, manufacturers, and consumers, may want to steer clear of any products containing the ingredients on its Advisory List. The organization does also mention ingredients could potentially be removed from the list, although so far, they’ve only been added.

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