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FortiFX announcing an all-new product this coming Friday

fortifx protein bar

FortiFX is a protein bar company from Sean Perich, who is the man behind the giant protein snack manufacturer Bakery Barn. FortiFX makes a rather unique high protein snack that is a half granola and half protein bar which provides a healthy 20g of protein per bar with only 4g of sugar.

The reason FortiFX is in the spotlight today is because it has joined the list of brands bringing something new and exciting to this weekend’s Arnold Expo in Columbus. It has confirmed that it will be introducing an entirely new product this Friday, which is, of course, the first day of the Arnold.

We believe it will be another flavor for its unique half granola and half protein bar, however, the mystery is of course, the name of the flavor. We’re guessing it’ll be something traditional after its last new option turned out to be Pretzel, although at this point our guess is as good as yours.

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