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Giant drops Beardhalla to help grow and strength beards and mustaches

giant beardhalla

Last year Giant launched a supplement called Hairvana featuring a mix of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to promote thicker and fuller hair. This week the brand has gone and released another product for a similar kind of purpose although it’s for a slightly different audience.

The latest from Giant is called Beardhalla which is a supplement designed for men to support faster facial hair growth for a stronger, rugged beard and mustache. Formula wise the product appears to feature pretty much every ingredient Hairvana does, all wrapped up in a two capsule serving.

Fans of Giant as well as those that like the sound of the facial hair enhancing Beardhalla, can now grab the supplement from the brand’s website and Amazon. The latter is currently the cheaper place to go where the product will cost you just $9.99 per bottle.