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Got7 releases Classic Sauce in Tomato Basil, French Sauce and Balsamic

got7 nutrition classic sauce

Earlier this month Got7 Nutrition, who we consider the best in the business when it comes to healthy snacks and food, made an exciting change to its Classic Sauce. The German brand took the low-calorie product and increased its bottle size by 30% but kept its price point exactly the same.

This week Got7 Nutrition has even more news to share for Classic Sauce regarding the list of flavors it has available. The brand has confirmed that it’s added another three options to its no fat and no sugar product with Tomato Basil, Pommes Sauce (French Sauce), and Balsamico (Balsamic).

Got7 Nutrition’s three new Classic Sauce flavors all come in the new 30% larger 350ml bottles, and retail for the same price as the product’s other options at €2.99 (3.39 USD) each.