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Icon Meals releases its delicious protein popcorn in a half size bag

icon meals protein popcorn

Icon Meals’ protein-packed popcorn is one of the best tasting protein snacks on the market, although it is quite calorie dense. For example, the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt flavor per bag, comes with 40g of protein, 160g of carbohydrates with 96g of that sugar, 32g of fat, and 1,088 calories.

There is now a smaller size available for Icon Meals’ protein popcorn, so if you eat an entire bag, it won’t cost you over 1,000 calories. On its website, the brand doesn’t list the nutrition profile for the new bag size, although their weight appears to be half of the original at 4.25oz.

Based on that weight, you can expect the personal size bags to also pack about half the macros with 20g of protein. When it comes to flavors, Icon Meals has produced the smaller size in just four options with Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Freedom, Peanut Butter Vanilla, and Cinnabun Krunch.

You can buy the half size bags of protein popcorn today through the Icon Meals website in packs of four for $24.99. If you can’t decide on a flavor, the brand does have a variety pack available as well with one of each option for the same price of $24.99.

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