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Introducing the softgel hemp oil formula Sativol from Bruce Kneller


Sativol is a relatively new hemp oil supplement from the industry veteran Bruce Kneller, who was the chief formulator for Giant Sports. The product is available from Amazon in 15 and 30 count blister packs for $39.99 and $69.99, and is sold under the brand Lake Laboratories.

Bruce Kneller’s Sativol packs 300mg of hemp oil in each of its softgels, which is standardized to contain 17mg of phytocannabinoid. Compared to the more common hemp oil dropper, the softgel form of Sativol does make the product a little easier to use when it comes to dosing.

Lake Laboratories’ Sativol promotes a number of benefits from its all-natural hemp oil formula including improved sleep, joint health and stress support, and help with chronic pain and anxiety. As mentioned, Sativol is now available on Amazon in 15 and 30 count blister packs.