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Juggernaut shares details on its first-ever protein powder ISOlated

juggernaut nutrition isolated

Juggernaut Nutrition is taking its creative flavoring abilities to the protein powder market with an all-new supplement it has releasing soon called ISOlated. At the moment the brand mostly completes in the pre-workout market with three different formulas as well as an amino, fat burner, and a nootropic.

The upcoming ISOlated from Juggernaut Nutrition is a protein product powered entirely by high quality, fast absorbing whey isolate. It packs the usual amount of protein at 25g per serving with zero sugar, and just like a lot of the brand’s other supplements, ISOlated comes in a creative list of flavor options.

Juggernaut Nutrition’s protein will have three flavors on its menu with Creamy Vanilla Milkshake, Chocolate Fudge Cheesecake, and the Yoo-Hoo inspired Choc-O-Lot Milk Delight. ISOlated is not yet available for purchase but will be online for pre-order this coming Monday through the brand’s website.