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Killer Labz reveals LaxoBulk’s combination of Laxosterone and Apisterone

killer labz laxobulk

The hardcore supplement company Killer Labz has finally revealed the formula behind its long-awaited muscle building product, LaxoBulk. As you could probably guess by its name, the upcoming supplement does include laxogenin; however, that is far from all that the brand has thrown into its latest creation.

Killer Labz LaxoBulk features the branded version its title ingredient with Laxosterone laxogenin at a solid 100mg per serving, as well as DecaSorb technology to help with absorption. The one other feature you get in LaxoBulk is another premium branded ingredient with Apisterone apigenin dosed at 20mg.

Apigenin has been found to enhance skeletal muscle hypertrophy, so it’s primarily in the mix to make LaxoBulk a more comprehensive muscle builder. As far as we know, Killer Labz is still aiming to launch its laxogenin and apigenin powered formula later this month through its online store at