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Levrone Signature Series goes light in areas with its pre-workout Scatterbrain

levrone scatterbrain

Scatterbrain is a supplement from Kevin Levrone Signature Series that we’ve started to see more and more of over the past couple of months. It is a pre-workout product available over in Europe that is designed to deliver increased energy as well as mental focus from a reasonably light 7.4g maximum serving.

Levrone Signature Series has made Scatterbrain a fully transparent supplement, so it confirms exactly how much of each ingredient you get per serving. The heavier features in the product are the performance enhancer beta-alanine at 2.5g in Scatterbrain’s maximum serving, and a light one gram of creatine monohydrate.

Next on the list for the pre-workout is half a gram of arginine AKG, 400mg of caffeine, and another light dose with citrulline malate at a gram. Rounding out the whole combination is Scatterbrain’s intensity matrix made up of half a gram of choline bitartrate, 25mg of GABA, and 50mg each of glutamine and tyrosine.

The Levrone Signature Series supplement is certainly light in a few areas compared to some of the other, much heavier pre-workouts we’ve seen hit the market. The creatine monohydrate and citrulline malate are great examples of that lightness, as we prefer them to be up around 5g, or more for citrulline, not at a gram each.

As mentioned, Levrone Signature Series Scatterbrain is now out and available over in Europe, and can be purchased from a number of locations. The pre-workout product comes with 30 maximum servings per tub and has four flavors to choose from in Red Grape, Mango Passionfruit, Lemon Lime, and Blackcurrant.