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‘Merica Labz reveals details on its Red, White and Boom H-Bomb Series

Following on from yesterday’s announcement of ‘Merica Labz new Dick Punch flavor of Red, White & Boom, featuring the pre-workout’s original combination of ingredients. The ‘Merican brand has confirmed more news for Red, White & Boom regarding a spin-off series.

Somewhere around two months from now, ‘Merica Labz plans on launching the Red, White & Boom H-Bomb Series. It will be a set of new flavors for the pre-workout product which will apparently have an even crazier formula compared to new and original versions of Red, White & Boom.

The flavors ‘Merica Labz has revealed for the H-Bomb Series are two more creatively named recipes with Star Spangled Sours and Blue Angels. As for the “crazy” formula, all we know is that it’ll have more stimulants in the mix as well as added nootropics for better mental focus.