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Myprotein The MCT Boost powered by coconut oil and naturally flavored

myprotein the mct boost

The US side of Myprotein has launched a new product today under its Pro family of supplements. The release is relatively straightforward with a liquid MCT formula powered coconut oil. The product is named Myprotein The MCT Boost and is an excellent source of natural energy.

The supplement comes in 16 fl oz (473ml) bottles packing 30 servings, with each serving providing 8g of fat, a gram of carbohydrates, and a total of 70 calories. Myprotein’s all-new The MCT Boost comes in two options naturally flavored with monk fruit extract in Vanilla and Coconut.

As mentioned, The MCT Boost has released under Myprotein’s US line of products, so to get it you need to visit, not the international website Regardless of what flavor you go with the supplement will cost you $24.99 per bottle.

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