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You can now pre-order the Guerrilla Chemist’s intra-workout for $63

Chemix Intra-Workout

Just like with the Guerrilla Chemist’s first-ever supplement, the straightforwardly named Chemix Pre-Workout, the brand has now made its second product available for pre-order. We actually shared everything you need to know about the second Chemix supplement last week, with the category titled Intra-Workout.

For those that missed our initial post, the Guerilla Chemist’s Intra-Workout features a solid mix of ingredients for hydration, endurance, cell volumization, and recovery. As far as its formula goes, the product includes three different carbohydrate sources, a full dose of creatine, HICA, and more.

As mentioned, you can now pre-order the second Chemix supplement thanks to the retailer NutriFit. The store has just added the Guerrilla Chemist’s latest product to its website where you can secure yourself a 20 serving tub at $63 using the code “intra”, with shipping taking place at the end of the month.

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