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Primeval shares a bit more information on its upcoming Intracell 7 Black

intracell 7 black

A couple of days ago Primeval Labs shared the first look at the Black Series version of its intra-workout supplement Intracell 7. The preview didn’t confirm too many details about the product, although it is officially launching next week, so it’s not too long until everything is revealed.

To tide fans over until the full release of Intracell 7 Black, Primeval Labs has passed on a few extra pieces of information. What we have to confirm today are the different blends of ingredients the brand has packed into the supplement, as well as the total weights of each of them.

Intracell 7 Black will feature two blends of amino acids that contain all nine EAAs between them and combine for a total weight of 5.82g per two-scoop serving. Primeval Labs has also packed the product with a 20g blend of carbohydrates, a 1.438g blend of electrolytes, and a 3.254g blend for pump and performance.

While we aren’t able to share everything today, it’s pretty clear Primeval Labs is looking to keep its intra-workout reputation strong with Intracell 7 Black. It seems like the brand is aiming for a similar mix of benefits to the original Intracell but with a more modern combination of ingredients.