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NTel Nutra unveils its stim-free pump pre-workout RoadMap Overflow

roadmap overflow

RoadMap Overflow is an all-new supplement coming soon from NTel Nutra, the brand behind the reputable Arez family of pre-workouts. RoadMap Overflow is also going to be competing in the competitive world of pre-workouts; however, it is going to be a stimulant-free formula built primarily for enhancing muscle pumps.

As you’d expect from NTel Nutra, RoadMap Overflow features a very well put together combination of ingredients to ensure it delivers on its promise of better pumps. The brand has actually included some features you won’t find in too many other stimulant-free pre-workouts, that make RoadMap Overflow a unique pump competitor.

roadmap overflow

Packed into a maximum serving of RoadMap Overflow is a hefty dose of citrulline malate at 8g, along with a gram each of Nitrosigine and creatinol-O-phosphate. The other, rather unique ingredients in the pre-workout are 200mg of arachidonic acid and 150mg of epicatechin, both of which you’ll more commonly find in muscle building products.

NTel Nutra plans on unleashing its stimulant-free, pump enhancing pre-workout in just one week on Monday the 25th of this month. RoadMap Overflow will be available with 20 maximum servings per tub or 40 half servings, with two tastes to choose from in Sets On The Beach and Watermelon Bomb Sick’ll.