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Axe and Sledge’s two pre-workouts both get a new Unicorn Blood flavor

unicorn blood axe sledge hydraulic

Just a few days ago, Seth Feroce’s supplement brand Axe and Sledge announced that it is officially changing the name of its pump pre-workout. Due to trademark issues, the brand has decided to go from Fuel Pump to the title Hydraulic, with everything formula wise remaining the same.

Axe and Sledge is now back with more exciting news for its pump pre-workout, as well as its stimulant powered pre-workout Ignition Switch. To finish the week the brand has launched another flavor option for both of those products with the creatively named recipe Unicorn Blood.

Unicorn Blood is actually a flavor Axe and Sledge fans might be familiar with as it was already available for the brand’s amino formula, The Grind. You can now grab Axe and Sledge’s new Unicorn Blood Hydraulic and Ignition Switch over on its website for $46.99 and $39.99 respectively.