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Ignition Switch from Axe and Sledge designed for stimulants freaks

axe and sledge ignition switch

Like all good brands, Seth Feroce’s new company Axe and Sledge Supplements does have a pre-workout called Ignition Switch, said to be “designed for the stimulant freaks”. The product brings together an interesting combination of ingredients, all of which have been transparently dosed so you know how much of each ingredient you’re getting.

What does it do

Axe and Sledge Supplements’ Ignition Switch promises a variety of effects in the gym including increased energy, improved mental focus, and enhanced pumps. It is a fairly balanced mix of effects with the brand squeezing in a number of ingredients to back up each of the product’s promised benefits.


The formula behind Ignition Switch features a total of ten different ingredients, most of which you’ll be familiar with if you’re a regular pre-workout user. To ensure it delivers better muscle pumps and performance, Axe and Sledge Supplements has thrown in 5g of pure citrulline, 750mg of beet juice powder, half a gram of AgmaMax agmatine, and 1.6g of beta-alanine.

axe and sledge ignition switch

On the other side of Ignition Switch, you then have all of its ingredients for energy and focus. Rounding out that department is 325mg of the classic caffeine, the combination of Dynamine and TeaCrine dosed at 100mg and 50mg respectively, 150mg of choline bitartrate, 25mg of n-methyltyramine, and 50mcg of huperzine A.


Ignition Switch is going to be one of the five supplements Axe and Sledge launches on Thursday the 7th of June. It is due to release in two tastes with Grape and Watermelon Lemonade, and have a total of 40 servings per tub, or if you want its maximum serving with the doses mentioned above, you’ll only get 20 per tub.